Highway 72

Highway 72 is closed at Skyline (the Qwikmart) and Burland (Twin Spruce) all the way down to Blue Mountain Drive.

Alternate routes out of the canyon are up via Wondervu.

Up to highway 119 and down Blackhawk to Highway 6. [Update: Boulder Canyon is closed at 4mile.]

Another option is Ranch Elsie to Burland to Twin Spruce/Gap and out Golden Gate Canyon.

Gap road has some wash out, it is rough traveling, and some loss of shoulder but it is passable.

Note: Gross Dam Road and Flagstaff are unknown conditions.

(People who live up Plainview are able to leave without closure impact.)

Blue Mountain Estates

There is a separate road problem on Westridge, so people at Brumm Trail and Westridge must stay and wait. More information to follow.