Tonight flash flooding occurred on state highway 72. Significant amounts of water built up on Coal Creek Canyon Drive, washing trees and rocks down stream. Medium mud and rock slides accompanied this. Numerous driveways/bridges/culverts to the main road were washed away. Gas leaks occurred.

Main known problems are:

  • Carl’s Corner to the Chapel in the Hills (the S bend) is mud slides, and significant water damage. Road is compromised/buckling at Carl’s Corner.
  • From Cattle trail drive to Butcher’s corner. Main line natural gas leak (gas has been shut down.)
  • At Butcher’s corner (lower down in the canyon) highway 72 has been washed away. The road is gone at that point.
  • Ranch Elsie (where it connect to Highway 72 at it’s most wet end) to Mike’s liquor store has significant rocks/debris/mud.
  • Up by CCCIA the road is undermined. Note: We’ve put cones there, but rain could move them.