As this situation unfolds it is clear that travel is best avoided if possible. If you commuted out and/or are trying to get back, or need to in the coming days, here is the uderstanding.

There are usually 4 exits to/from Coal Creek Canyon:

– North: Gross Dam Road (high clearance) to Flagstaff/Boulder.
– East: Highway 72 East
– South: Twin Spruce Road/Gap Road to Golden Gate or Highway 119
– West: Highway 72 West to Highway 119 to Blackhawk/Golden or Nederland/Boulder

The current understanding of things is this:

– Highway 72 east is un-passable.
– Gross Dam road is un-passable.
– Gap Road to Golden Gate is rough driving in parts, but passable. Highway 119 is preferred.
– Highway 72 to Highway 119 to Blackhawk/Golden. This is the recommended route.
– Nederland/Boulder Canyon has been open/closed on and off all day, and is not recommended.

Please continue to monitor CDOT for road closure information.