Coal Creek Canyon State Highway 72 washed out

Coal Creek Canyon State Highway 72 washed out

As rains continue to fall in this region the Coal Creek Flood continues to grow and the flash flood conditions continue to exist. This incident is far from over, however much we might be ready for that. Overnight flood flows were reportedly the highest yet and occurrences of washed out and under cut roads are increasing. Driving is regularly treacherous with water covering the road, and risk of subsidence in various places in the Canyon, not just highway 72. Travel is not advised.

Overnight all main routes to/from Coal Creek Canyon were closed at various times. The only continually open route was from Coal Creek Canyon to Highway 119 to Blackhawk/Central City then over Central City Parkway to Highway 70. Wether alternate roads will be open or not is unknown. (With ground saturation are flows continuing to grow, or will subside during the day?) Again, travel is not advised.

Overnight there was significantly increased emergency activity in surrounding counties; primarily Boulder and Jefferson county. This incident is far from over and could even grow. Be prepared, or attempt to become prepared.

Natural gas will likely not be able to be restored to Coal Creek Canyon for some time yet. Both gas stations are out of commission so consider how you will fuel a vehicle to travel to get provisions, especially with Canyon stores and services being compromised. Plan ahead, especially with medications.

Rains are expected to continue to fall for a while longer so please recognize this emergency, respect this situation, and do your best to support your family, friends, neighbors & community.

Updates from Jefferson County
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