Updated at 10:30PM Friday September 13th.

Twin Spruce Culvert - washed out, being worked on

Twin Spruce Culvert – washed out, being worked on

At 10472 Twin Spruce Road the 3 foot culvert was washed out, and pushed by flood waters was sticking 6 feet into the air. JeffCo Road and Bridge have made various attempts to stabilize it, but the flood waters keep compromising the structure. At this point Road and Bridge are working to temporarily restore the culvert (with a 2/3 day job to repair it in the future.) The road is closed.

Please note how (in the picture to the side) the road doesn’t look too bad. From above it is hard to see any problems other than the slight kink. At night or when rains are falling that is even harder. It is quite possible that a driver would not know that the road was compromised. This is the type of problem we have on a number of the black-top roads in the canyon. If there is a creek running along or under the road, have a high index of suspicion. Again, travel is not advised.

CO72 Pinecliff (Black Gulch) undercut.

CO72 Pinecliff (Black Gulch) undercut.

At 1278 Highway 72 (Pinecliff, Mile marker 24, known locally as Black Gulch) a road closure is in place. Again, as above, it is on blacktop that is not showing the risk underneath. Underneath there is now a 15 foot wide hole compromising 80-90% of the roadway. This picture was taken earlier, and the hole is growing. CDOT is aware of this issue.

At 1400 Gross Dam Road we have wash out. This point has been compromised/closed in the past, but has been patched and is available as a single lane. It’s current status is that it is considered at risk. This is a dirt road, so it is hard to know the underlying integrity of the dirt. CCCFD will send low weight/no water vehicles over this point. Note: There are multiple complete wash out points further alone Gross Dam Road, and it is not a way to get to Boulder from Coal Creek Canyon. Gross Dam Road is closed.

Highway 72 East is un-passable at Carl’s Corner (Twin Spruce Road) and closed at Skyline and at Ranch Elsie.

We will continue to update on road conditions as information becomes available.