Saturday 14th 3:00 PM

We are entering the period when heavier rains are resuming. Even a small bit of rain at this stage (with saturated ground) could be highly impactful, especially as it moves towards night. Travel is strongly advised against, and please maintain your alert. Monitor water levels and climb to safety if needed & prepare for the elements with suitable clothing.

Natural Gas

As you know the main natural gas line is shut off to the canyon. If you know how, please turn off your gas at the main (as it enters you residence.) This will keep the situation safer in the future, when the natural gas is turned back on.

Road Conditions

Roads are continually being assaulted from underneath, and despite getting a respite from the rains the assault has continued unabated in the culverts and gullies. With our dirt roads (and our fewer asphalt ones) it is impossible to tell how compromised they are, especially from above. Culverts/gullies can block, then break free in waves of water, debris and mud and can take out a road in moments. Any driving is a risk, and a dirt road like Gap Road (our only route in/out) is continually at risk.

Just to reiterate that point on a asphalt road … please consider this example of Highway 72 down towards Pinecliff. The road closure might appear to have no reason, but the road is significantly undermind.

Highway 72 Road Closure

1278 Highway 72 Road Closure

1278 Highway 72 Road Closure

On a side note: Golden Gate Canyon was observed as closed at 10:30 this morning, right at the bottom with no sign at the top nor closure on CDOT. It may or may not be open now. Please understand that this is the dynamic nature of road conditions and if you cannot avoid travel, please don’t put yourself in a situation (when low of gas) that you are committed to one route.