Sorry this is a little late. We likely will NOT be getting another super early morning update out, so this should be it before tomorrow’s commute.

Today’s heavy rains continued to eat away at infrastructure and fill waterways.  Gross Reservoir was up over 8 feet in one day. It still has capacity to spare, but that was an impressive rise. Carter Lake (at Camp Wondervu) is overflowing, but really just spilling it’s banks. All culverts are stressed and many eroded. Crescent Lakes Road (behind CCCIA) is now cut off to vehicles.

Much as the rains have stopped again, please don’t let you guard down yet. Flash flood effects can last long after the rain stops, and not just erosions; waves of water can flow as upstream blocks burst.

Road Conditions

Highway 72 East is closed. No change there (in fact FD ATV access is at risk, and we are working on other routes.)

Highway 72 West is closed. No change there (although the false roadway is finally starting to visibly  sag.)

Gross Dam Road is closed. No change there (although conditions are worsened with wash outs and fallen trees.) [I believe residents can exit out towards CCC, but I am not completely confident of that statement.]

Gap Road is OPEN. Drive with caution because (1) the wear and tear on the road is growing (2) sink holes do exists (3) it is a dirt road in saturated conditions (4) a number of people are using it.

We will update later if we can gather knowledge of routes beyond 119 but we want to get this out for tonight.