There have been some questions on Natural Gas. Please understand that these are the restricted areas in questions for Coal Creek Canyon where the natural gas main line existed, and must be repaired.

Here is an update from Xcel Energy: Flood in the Front Range

Gas Operations

Of 34 “hotspots” we have made progress on most with 5-6 critical locations left to focus on. However, those are the areas that will likely be the most difficult due to the lack of access, continued flooding or deep standing water plus equipment or pipe that have been damaged or are underwater. This includes Coal Creek Canyon, Pinebrook Hills, Lyons and Estes Park.

Once water recedes, better assessments can be made. Crews will work with local authorities to gain access to areas that have been cut off due to flood waters and damaged and washed out roads. It is anticipated that thousands of gas meters that were underwater will need to be replaced and potentially up to 20 miles of pipe, though these estimates could change once we are able to enter restricted areas.

Please monitor Xcel Energy for more ongoing updates.