JeffCo Road and Bridge are monitoring Gap Road (our primary route in and out of Coal Creek Canyon.) They are monitoring a growing sink hole in Gap Road but say the route is open, but to drive with caution.

Despite forecasts we experienced limited new rains yesterday, and there are no significant other changes to road conditions:

  • Twin Spruce/Gap to 119 is still the recommended route. Use extreme caution if you must travel.
  • Highway 72 to Pinecliff is still highly compromised and closed.
  • Gross Dam Road remains “at risk” and passable only by light weight vehicles at 1400 Gross Dam Road.
  • Highway 72 east is closed.

Roads remain weakened & under cut, and ground remains saturated so any amount of rains today could return us to heavy flash flooding. There is a weather forecast for up to inches of new rains. Keep vigilant, monitor weather conditions and water levels and get to high ground if needed.

Various from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office: Emergency Updates.

Mail for Coal Creek Canyon is being held in Golden: See JeffCo messages and directly from USPS.

Once again, here is the JeffCo property damage line for reporting evacuations and/or extensive damage.

JeffCo are looking for your photos and videos of the damage for records.