All Terrain Vehicles

Thank you for the response to ATV needs. We now plan to use them for tomorrow’s evacuation operations, so if needed we will request them later. If you contacted you should hear back, and we’ll tell you if we need your vehicle. Delivery to Station #2 (by Camp Eden) would be appreciated. Please … if you’ve not contacted us & had approval: do not come. This is a local request only, please help us maintain safety by only responding if we ask. We do not have any other needs at this time. Thank you for the great community support.

Longer Term Support

We’ve been getting longer term questions about road opening, natural gas, propane, water, mail and more. We’ve all heard various speculation. The answer is we have no answer. We know that doesn’t help you plan, but that is the situation as we know it. Right now the Canyon has access to/from Coal Creek Canyon via Gap Road to 119, and even though agencies are working on the long term, there are no concrete answers now. If we learn anything concrete we will share it.

For the medium term … If you have any emergency needs call 911. If you have any non-emergency needs (e.g. prescriptions needing to be filled, low on food, no heat) please call JeffCo at 303-277-0211.

Additionally the Canyon community is starting to mobilize, so residents can help other residents. If you have needs you can contact the above number, or you can contact Canyon Cares here in the canyon. If you have needs and/or you want to volunteer, please contact:

Road Conditions

No changes. The roads are getting rough from the elements and wear and tear, but the Gap route remains the main route.