UPDATE: Thank you! The offers are starting to come in. Please give make/model/working condition/special features/location, if helmets are available and if it can be delivered, or needs to be picked up. Please send via email to support@coalcreekcanyonfd.org. Please do NOT show up, please do NOT offer from out of area (local only), please do NOT offer other assistance (we will request it if we need it.) Thank you for the wonderful community support!

Throughout this flood CCCFD (along with swift water rescue teams) have been evacuating trapped and/or isolated residents. Most residents have already been evacuated from the affected areas but some remain, and these location will require ATVs for the extraction. CCCFD has access to ATVs (as well as it’s own) but it could use more.

CCCFD would like to commandeer ATVs from the local canyon residents. In order to assist you would need to be able to provide:

  • A good reliable rugged ATV, preferably with gas (but not necessary.)
  • Allow CCCFD to commandeer your ATV for a few days (preferably with helmets also.)
  • Live locally and have a short trip to have your ATV at CCCFD Station #2 this afternoon (Monday 16yth September) or tomorrow morning.

If you can assist please contact:


PLEASE DO NOT just show up. PLEASE do not bring other things. Please contact us first at this e-mail address, and have us get back to you, or we will likely have to turn your support away, and we would not want to do that.