Jerry Pifer gathering information for Congressman Perlmutter

Jerry Pifer gathering information for Congressman Perlmutter

Jerry Pifer, aide to Congressman Perlmutter, took a tour of Coal Creek Flood yesterday. Her objective was to gather information (photographic and hands on) and be able to advise Congressman Perlmutter on the impacts to the local community.

The tour started with Twin Spruce and the homes there, and the fully water eroded Twin Spruce Road. Back into central Coal Creek Canyon, and a visit up Crescent Park Drive to see the infrastructure impacts. Then the tour proceeded down the extent of highway 72 from Ranch Elsie to the wash out at the bottom.

Ms Pifer met with canyon residents dealing with the flood damage, and (as a resident of Bailey) felt an understanding for our community, and how this has impacted so many; from natural gas with heat/food/hygiene to practical & economic impacts on both residents and small businesses.

The lower canyon tour highlighted the full force and power of this flash flood, from stacked pile of culverts (ripped out & crushed together) to roads, driveways, bridges, driveway culverts and more.

Ms Pifer had an important message for residents: Register your damage. Ensure you register now.  This is an important step, and not just now that more Coal Creek Residents are included in individual assistance. Whatever county you live in it is important to register, even if your county is not listed. County listings can change, so get registered & be on the list.

Ms Pifer wanted to share information, so left these fliers: Flood Relief Resources