Road Conditions

Good news highway 72 west to highway 119 (also, South Beaver Creek, Nederland) is open single lane, and CDOT are working to open it completely. This is big news because it gives us paved roads in/out of the canyon. From 119 our community, and travelers, can get to Blackhawk/Golden without needing to traverse dirt roads. It should also be much faster for people at the very top of Canyon than using Gap. That said … it also open a route to Nederland & it’s stores for groceries.

Note: Unfortunately Boulder Canyon is still closed, so this is not a route to Boulder.

Road Maintenance

This is something you’ll need to double check with your local county or CDOT (we’ve not been able to find online source, but will keep trying) but if your culvert is on an easement to a maintained road (such as those on highway 72) then the responsibility to replace that culvert rests with the road maintainer. Please do NOT replace the culvert yourself, because the road maintainer will have to do it. You may put in fill dirt (so you can drive over it) but they will replace the culvert.

This is a link to report a culvert problem in Jefferson County.