State Highway 72 - Road Damage

State Highway 72 – Road Damage

As more roads open (Gap Road, Gross Dam Road, Highway 72 West) our expectations turn to Highway 72 East. Highway 72 East is NOT open and is NOT allowing access to commuters – with or without identification. There is no pilot car program in place at this time.

(There has been some well-intentioned mis-information to the contrary. Please correct that with this information from CDOT.)

Highway 72 is becoming as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than during the flash flood. Undermined roads are continuing to slowly undermine, and now these roads are being travelled by heavy equipment. That adds two problems; the heavy equipment adds stress to the roads, and also the heavy equipment is a threat.

CCCFD personnel have scouted the route down Highway 72, but this was before construction had begun (and on ATVs, or in rescue vehicles.) CCCFD personnel are not entering the lower canyon unless the emergency is in the canyon. If a medical situation occurs we will prefer to transport patients by helicopter (if medically necessary) and/or one of the other egress routes.

As Canyonites share the road with heavy construct equipment, please drive carefully and respect the fact that there have already been heavy equipment accidents & these are not normal conditions. If you can travel the main roads only at “commute times”, please do, because construction traffic is attempting to avoid those times. That said, while these conditions exist, please drive exceptionally carefully. (Longer commutes do not excuse erratic/fast/unsafe driving. If you chose to drive extra slowly/cautiously, that is fine, but please do pull over to let a line of traffic pass you & fellow Canyonites will thank you.)

When CDOT are able to safely provide pilot cars that information will be provided. Keep safe.