Highway 72

Unfortunately, there is no new information from CDOT on highway 72. More specifically, there is no change … no commute access is available for highway 72. Again there appears to be some contradictory information out there, however there is no commute access available. Please continue to work around this difficult situation via Gap Road and/or Gross Dam Road and/or Highway 72 to CO119.


Early on during the Coal Creek Flood the Fire Department were asked to share the following warning to homeowners: Do not replace culverts yourselves, if in county/state maintained easements, because if you do and you get the wrong size, the culvert will need to be replaced with no recompense. The obvious question became: how does one know if a culvert is to be replaced by state or county or neither? Since there doesn’t appear to be anything online to reference, Jeffco request that you call Pat O’Connell at 303-271-8707 to examine each case.

FEMA/Disaster Assistance

There was a minor change to the times for this week of FEMA being at the CCCIA. They will stay open later on Friday. Please see this information, plus who will be at the CCCIA with FEMA.