Update from CDOT:

Good evening.
The construction team on SH 72 continues to make progress in repairing the damaged roadway.  There are a few updates that I’d like to pass along:

1.            The contract flaggers at both ends of the construction site will be supplemented by uniformed officers checking identification, in order to make sure we can safely provide access to the residents living within the construction zone.

2.            This evening, the construction crew will begin laying culvert piping.  The crews can lay approximately 36 linear feet of culvert each day, and it is estimated that they need to install 800 linear feet of culvert. In many areas, pipe trenches will need to be cut in existing roadway in the construction zone, resulting in treacherous conditions.

3.            On Thursday, Xcel Energy will be blowing moisture out on existing gas lines. This occurs by lighting a supervised flame, which will be noticeable and possibly loud.

There was also an incorrect phone number listed in the private access resource guide that I sent out earlier, so I have enclosed an updated information sheet.

Private Access Reconstruction Guide – 2

We were all excited by the news that SH 119 re-opened this week, and we salute the hard work of CDOT and their contractors on that project. Much concern was expressed as to why the same wasn’t true for SH 72, and I wanted to provide an example of comparison between the two projects. SH 119 required 400 tons of asphalt to re-surface the damaged parts of the road, enabling its re-opening. In contrast, SH 72 will require approximately 21,000 tons of asphalt to re-surface its damaged portions. The SH 72 team continues to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to complete the work necessary for re-opening.

We anticipate a phone-in town hall in the next couple of weeks, and as soon as the date is finalized, we will distribute directions through this email.

Thanks for your patience as we continue this important work.

All the best,

Rebecca Askew

Project Public Information Officer
State Highway 72 Emergency Repair Project