Some Questions and Answers prepared by CDOT for last night’s town hall:

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Emergency Repairs to SH 72 Coal Creek Canyon

1. How bad is the damage to the existing roadway?

Damage to the existing roadway was significant. In comparison to SH 119, the damage was 20 times more extensive. However, we are confident that we can repair the roadway to enable residents and the traveling Public to have safe access.

2. Will the road be open before December 1, 2013?

Your construction team on SH 72 will open the road as soon as construction on temporary repairs are complete. An earlier completion date is dependent on many different factors, such as changes in weather conditions.

3. I see some people getting access to the canyon, but I’ve been unable. Why do some people get access but not me?

The construction area (approximately mm 13 to 18) is open to residents that live in that area from 5:30-7:00 AM and 5:30-7:00 PM. SH 72 between SH 93 and 119 is not open to commuter traffic.

4. My home is in the construction zone (MM 13- MM 18) but I can only get in and out of the construction zone during limited times. Can you expand the hours for access?

We have opened the construction zone for residents within the affected while we have shift changes with work crews. These access times have been created in order to maximize time for construction repairs.

5. Only residents are allowed within the construction zone. I don’t live within this zone, but I want to commute through. When will this happen?

At this time, we estimate that commuter traffic will only be allowed when the temporary repairs are completed.

6. I had heard that there was going to be a pilot car driving through the zone. Is that going to happen?

In order to complete emergency repairs within the time frame needed and because of concerns for the safety of the traveling public, we were not able to implement a pilot car program.

7. I would like to see a bike path built up Coal Creek Canyon. Is that possible?

CDOT will evaluate this request as part of the long range plan for permanent repairs, but the team’s focus is to reconnect the road for vehicle traffic at this time.

8. Once the project is completed, will I need a four wheeled drive vehicle to drive on SH 72?

Once temporary repairs are completed, the traveling public will be able to access SH 72 with road-safe vehicles.

9. Will work be done on our road outside the construction zone?

The construction team is conducting some shouldering and patching work outside the construction zone.

10. Will the road be part dirt when the temporary repairs are complete?

No, the road will be fully asphalt.