If you commute up and down Gap Road you have no doubt noticed that the barriers diverting you to Burland Road are gone. Twin Spruce is open to Highway 72.

Twin Spruce Open to Highway 72

Gap Road/Twin Spruce Road is open to Highway 72.

This opening means that you can travel down Highway 72 past Carl’s Corner and then turn right up Twin Spruce Road. This route avoids the dusty dirt roads and tight corners of Burland Rd/Ranch Elsie Rd and allows that portion of our community to get back some normalcy. The Highway 72 to Twin Spruce Road is asphalt, and should be the best route to/from Twin Spruce/Gap Road.

Further, CDOT have been working on Highway 72 from Twin Spruce Road up to (at least) CCCIA. They’ve been filling in the deep drop offs at the sides. There are still some weak spots near the edges, so travel down this portion is at one’s own risk.

The Twin Spruce/Highway 72 corner might have to close temporarily in the future (when the culvert is upgraded) but this is one more step to Canyon normalcy.