As we know, our dirt road commute routes are already stressed with additional commuters, heavy equipment and construction traffic, and the ongoing insults of moisture weakening the slopes above and below. Add frost or snow to that and the conditions instantly get far worse.

This morning there was a multiple car pile up on Flagstaff Road and the road was closed for 2 hours. Roughly 100 cars were backed up. Flagstaff Road is incredibly steep and windy, and the addition of ice makes it dangerous. On icy days it might be better to leave later when the roads have warmed, or take the highway 72 route to Nederland and down Boulder Canyon. (Note: We now have an agreement with Boulder Sheriff to tone Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department if a closure occurs and well try to spread the word.)

This morning was an example of what we are facing every time there is an icy morning, and tomorrow morning could be another case. The extra moisture around (flowing above ground, and remaining in the soil) will freeze. Drive slowly and carefully.

Various things to remember:

  • Mountain Base Road, like Flagstaff Road, is incredibly steep and windy and should be avoided when icy.
  • There is a 911 emergency call box at Station #4 on Gap Road.
  • Recognize the dangers of icy road and plan accordingly; delay your trip and/or stick to asphalt.
  • Twin Spruce Road is open at Highway 72. Use this instead of the Burland/Ranch Elsie detour.
  • Highway 72 (west) to Nederland to Boulder Canyon is an asphalt alternative to  Gross Dam Road/Flagstaff Road.
  • Highway 72 (west) to Highway 119 to Blackhawk down to Golden is an asphalt alternative to Gap Road & Golden Gate Canyon.
  • If taking Gap Road consider following it to Highway 119, then take US6 from Blackhawk to Golden.

Be safe out  there…