Boulder County Mountain Community Debris Removal Beginning Nov. 4

Thursday, October 24, 2013. See press release.

Boulder County, Colo. – Boulder County is contracting with a removal company to begin roadside pickup of flood debris in the mountain communities. This is a large project that will span several weeks, and will depend on weather conditions and impending snow. We are asking residents to follow the guidelines listed below in order to help this project progress as efficiently as possible in the limited time we have before major snow falls limit our access even further.
This impacts Coal Creek Canyon in the following roads. (Gross Dam Road, and Highway 72 are not included.)
Debris pickup is on brown roads only.

Debris pickup is on brown roads only.

What: Removal of household debris, woody debris (vegetation), and mud, silt etc.
When: Beginning the week of Nov. 4
Where: Removal trucks will drive down all accessible, county maintained mountain roads which are west of Hwy 36 and Hwy 93
    • Debris piles should be 3ft from the side of the roadway to allow for any snow removal operations
    • Do not block the roadway, waterways or any culverts with debris
    • Debris removal vehicles will only be able to access existing, county maintained, accessible roads at this time; unmaintained Jeep roads will not be serviced
    • In order to follow state laws, and to allow for composting operations, please separate debris into 4 piles:
      • General household debris
      • Electronics and appliances
      • Woody debris (vegetation)
      • Mud, silt, sand and rock
The debris haulers have a potential reach of about 8ft from the edge of the road lane; for that reason, debris piles should be as close to the 3ft boundary along the road as possible so it can be reached and collected.
If time and weather permit debris collection trucks may make multiple trips up and down roads.  However, we encourage residents to move debris to the road as soon as possible. There is no harm in leaving a debris pile near the roadway for a week or more before the truck makes it to your area.
If your property is on the other side of the creek from a major roadway, and you have no way of transporting debris to the accessible roadway, please do not push debris piles down into the creek. Any excess debris in the creeks can potentially cause more flooding downstream during normal spring runoff.
Please remember to be cautious when driving while these large debris haulers are on the road. There will be signage and flaggers warning of the presence of the trucks, but slower speeds and heightened awareness will help lessen any problems on the tight mountain curves.
Boulder County will issue a notification when the debris pickup project is coming to a close and ask residents to assemble any final debris piles before service is concluded.
For any questions about debris pickup in the mountain communities, please contact Resource Conservation at 720-564-2222 or