We have had our main road open for almost a week now, and it is a wonderful thing. That said, it still needs work, and that means CDOT are having to perform intermittent closures. Please plan ahead for this, and leave with extra time. The 30 mph speed limit is for your life safety, and for CDOT worker life safety.

Here is the CDOT publish schedule for Monday November 18th to Sunday November 24th:

This weeks schedule is relatively straightforward:

Hours: 7:00AM – 5:30PM
Location: State Highway 72, Mile marker 13 to Mile marker 29 (i.e. all of Coal Creek Canyon.)
Closures: Intermittent lane closures in both directions. Possible delays; pay attention to signs and flaggers
Reason: Continuing Emergency and Long-Term repairs
Days: Monday – Friday. No closures on Saturday or Sunday.

Speed Limit 30mph

Speed Limit 30mph

Note of caution: There are missing guard rails on some corners, and steep (unforgiving) rock drop offs close to the highway.  The speed limit is lowered for very good reasons. If you don’t drive safely the road isn’t safe.

Further, there are CDOT employees working along the Highway 72. As you drive past them, their lives are in your hands. Thank a CDOT worker by slowing down.

There is heavy equipment operating along the road, and heavy equipment is loud. Heavy equipment operators cannot always see or hear vehicles near them, so be prepared to give way to them.

As Jefferson County Sheriffs have shown; they are strictly enforcing the speed limit. Fines are doubled in the work zone.

Thank a CDOT worker by slowing down. 30mph.