One of the main flood prevention upgrades is that Twin Spruce Road will receive a “box culvert” at the State Highway 72 junction. A box culvert is a concrete structure, and these types of culvert held up very well during the Coal Creek flood. This upgraded culvert should allow improved water flow, and reduced road damage in times of heavy rains.

This is a significant undertaking, however CDOT/Lawrence Construction managed to schedule the work so it began once Highway 72 was open … not have the Highway 72 opening (& Canyonites) wait for this part of the project. If things go to plan there should not be any extended closures to highway 72 during this time.

Clearly Twin Spruce Road will be closed during this period. Next Tuesday (November 19th) until (estimated) next Saturday (November 23rd.)

Some gas line work will be done at the same time by Xcel energy. There is no information on potential natural gas outages at this time.

During this period the previously well known Burland Road, Ranche Elsie Road, Skyline Drive route is the suggested detour.