Colorado Parks & Wildlife are looking for help in ensuring that they are contacted immediately when an incident occurs. Here is what they’ve said:

CPW are aware that lion incidents have occurred in Coal Creek Canyon. Unfortunately, the CPW has not been immediately notified when these incidents have occurred, which affects our ability to effectively deal with the offending lion. A trap was set on the Circle Drive area for four days after a reported incident, but our efforts were unsuccessful. If we are alerted immediately and can set a trap the likelihood of success is much improved.

CPW are asking for your assistance in helping us get the word out in your community that the CPW needs to be notified immediately of any incident. People affected can contact the CPW Regional Office directly at (303) 291-7227 or the Colorado State Patrol dispatch (303) 239-4501 (CSP dispatches for CPW and can reach an officer after hours).

Further, if you have been victim of an attack or encounter please contact CPW directly. They need to hear directly from all the victims so they have complete and accurate records in order to document the encounters, and determine the actions they can take against the lion (or lions.)

Please share this information with fellow Canyonites, and remember the CPW safety information for living in lion country.