Wildfire Risk Increasing

We’ve enjoyed a wet summer in Coal Creek Canyon. As a result, the grasses are tall. These grasses are starting to cure (die and dry out) and now pose a significant wildfire risk.

Dry Grasses In Coal Creek Canyon

Tall Dry Grasses In Coal Creek Canyon

Grass fires typically have flame lengths roughly three times fuel length. For example, the three foot tall grasses that are now common in our canyon will produce nine foot flames. There will be little that firefighters can do to save your home if these tall grass fuels extend right up to your structure.

The most important wildfire mitigation step you can take right now is to keep all grasses cut short within 30 feet of your home and outbuildings.

Thank you in advance for doing your part to help protect your home and our beautiful canyon,

Joe Ceurvorst

Fire Chief

Coal Creek Canyon FPD