CCCFD invests heavily in maps of Coal Creek Canyon, with many hundreds of volunteer hours spent creating them, verifying them by driving subdivisions, and regularly updating them. We receive updates from the counties on new lots and properties, and we maintain printed map books for us and responding agencies.

We have good maps. We’ve even started supplementing them with online maps on mobile devices, so that we can get driving directions (allowing rapid response from four separate stations.)

Allow Help To Find You

Allow Help To Find You

That all said … in the middle of the night, on a dark, snowy, icy, windy night … we need your help. Reflective address markers are the tool we need. Reflective address markers are what allow us to proceed into scene with confidence; commit to a long driveway, take the correct turn at a fork, or pick between neighboring properties. Reflective address markers save time as we get closer to your home, and hence could save much more.

A large painted number on a wooden sign might be clear in the daytime, but it is just not as visible in a snow storm. Reflective address markers reflect emergency vehicle lights, and stand out.

Despite all our mapping efforts, CCCFD repeatedly runs into circumstances where a lack of a reflective address marker costs time, potentially delaying medical care or fire fighting. Minutes matter, but this problem happens all too often. We need to spread the word, and would like your help spreading that word: