All fire restrictions within Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District have been lifted. As the District includes three separate counties, each with their own regulations regarding campfires on private property, following the below instructions will keep you in compliance with regulations in all three counties:

  • Campfires must be within an established fire pit or ring which is no greater than 3’ in diameter
  • Fire pits or rings must have 3’ surrounding them cleared of all combustible materials
  • Fire pits or rings must be a minimum of 25’ from any structure
  • Campfires must be attended at all times with the ability to readily extinguish the fire
  • Campfires must be fully extinguished when not attended
  • Only clean, natural materials may be burned (no trash or building materials)
  • No campfires are permitted during High Wind Warnings & Watches, Fire Weather Watches, Red Flag Warnings, or Fire Bans
  • Regardless of which county you reside in, contact Boulder County Communications at (303) 441-4444 to inform them you will be having a campfire

If you observe a campfire which you believe is unsafe, please have the Fire Department notified by calling Boulder County Communications at (303) 441-4444.

Specific regulations for the county in which you reside can be found by following the corresponding link below:

Boulder County

Gilpin County

Jefferson County