Fire Restrictions

Fire Restrictions

To address increasing fire danger, the Sheriffs of Boulder and Jefferson Counties as well as the Boulder Ranger District of the US Forest Service have enacted Stage 1 Fire Restrictions.

Under these restrictions, residents are permitted to have campfires on private property within permanent fire rings so long as the fire is no greater than 2’ in diameter and 3’ in height.

Fires within undeveloped campgrounds where fees are not charged are strictly prohibited. This includes the campsites on Winiger Ridge at Gross Reservoir.

If you would like to have a campfire on your private property, please do us the favor of notifying Boulder County Fire Dispatch at (303) 441-4444. Doing so helps prevent the fire department from being called out unnecessarily. Links to the full fire restrictions are below:

Boulder County Fire Restrictions

Jefferson County Fire Restrictions

US Forest Service Fire Restrictions

With the approaching holiday, we’d also like to remind you of the rule of thumb regarding fireworks: If it explodes or leaves the ground it is most likely illegal in the State of Colorado.