Road closures happen for emergency and non-emergency reasons. In recent memory roads have been closed due to train carriages across the road, bridge instability after accident and even for flash flood taking out the highway and/or causing sink holes in the highway. Roads can also be closed for many other emergency and non-emergency reasons and for extended periods, sometimes without notice.

Living in Coal Creek Canyon it is valuable to know the four main entrances / exits that the canyon has available, so you are able to navigate around unexpected and/or extended closures.

Perhaps visit or take your family on a visit to the main north and south routes in good weather to check them out before you need them. They are gloriously scenic routes worth a visit, and a picnic / hike.

Note: It is not hard to know and find these routes from inside Coal Creek Canyon, heading out. However, do you know how to find them from outside Coal Creek Canyon heading home?

Map of Coal Creek Canyon with main entrance / exit roads shown.

Roadways in and out of Coal Creek Canyon.