Winter Storm Warning

It seems we are due some snows again, and have another winter storm warning. Here in Coal Creek Canyon we are mountain folks, so somewhat used to snow, but early/late snows do still tend to catch some of us off guard & contribute to some accidents. Some thoughts:

It’s a good time to check that you have sufficient tire tread, and if you utilize snow tires, maybe this is the year to switch to them earlier than later. If you can avoid travel perhaps do so, or travel later in the day (when less people are on the road and/or the roads have warmed.) Allow extra time to get where you are going.

Some canyon driving thoughts, including links to winter driving tips:

Note: Last week’s snows led to some icy patches on the roads, and at least two accidents. Dry roads with intermittent icy patches can be as dangerous as fully icy roads because it can lead to a false sense of security, and can lull drivers into higher speeds than safe. Drive to the conditions, and that means the worst of the conditions.

Drive safely out there…