Some thoughts from active & retired volunteer CCCFD firefighters on volunteering for Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department:

  • Being on the fire department made me a better person by making me a safe driver. You respond to accidents and learn what not to do, and where. You see first hand what careless driving does to people.
  • Helping save a life, using what you have learned in emergency medical response classes, gives you a feeling that is hard to describe.
  • Getting in a tight spot on a fire and next to you is a fellow firefighter working as hard as you, gives you a feeling of fellowship that lasts all your life.
  • Learning skills that will help in an emergency is invaluable for you & your family, especially when living in the mountains.
  • Volunteer firefighters get to explore and learn about all the interesting corners of the canyon; mountain tops, reservoir, railway, dam, and more.
  • The relentless dedication to safety.  It was very comforting and refreshing to have so many people dedicated to keeping each other safe.  I have taken the lessons learned to all other walks of life.  I ask myself, “How would the Fire Dept. approach this?”  There is a professional mentality in fire.  I like how some of it has rubbed off on me.
  • Volunteer firefighters get to help members of their community, and build deep ties to that community.
  • Volunteer firefighters get to operate some amazing equipment; from fire engines to jaws of life to thermal imager and more.
  • When people ask what did you do with your life, I am proud to say “I did fire and rescue, and helped save lives and property” as a volunteer for twenty years where I lived in Coal Creek Canyon.