Highway 93 is a challenging road to drive in many conditions, but when wind and snow combine it can get treacherous with ground blizzard whiteout conditions.

Snow blows across roads when temperatures are cold enough that fallen snow stays as powder, instead of forming a crust. Highway 93 is highly susceptible to this because it has flat expanses of field on either side, and winds regularly flow across it.

This morning whiteouts were so bad that Coal Creek Fire rescue vehicles were unable to proceed, due to zero visibility. Colorado State later patrol closed highway 93. Travel is not recommended when whiteout conditions occur (and they can occur on all our local roads.)

Highway 93 can be a dangerous road during snows, but also after snows, when the roads appear dry. Just like CCC that can be dry up top but icy down in the canyon, highway 93 & 72 can be dry for long stretches, but then (without much warning) becomes big patches of snow and ice. Snows blow over the road but then thaw/refreeze on the road.

Stay cautious and safe out there.