Our partners at Timberline FPD have responded to some suspicious fires over the past few weeks. Additionally, Coal Creek Fire Rescue have seen an increase in illegal camping within the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District. In several instances this led to us responding to and suppressing both illegal campfires and illegal campfires which have spread outside of the immediate fire ring. The largest of these incidents spread to half an acre near Gross Reservoir, and Coal Creek Fire Rescue suppressed this fire with the assistance of air resources (helicopter water drops) and local partner agencies.

An illegal campfire ring in Coal Creek Canyon

Recent illegal camping & campfires in Coal Creek Canyon

Coal Creek Fire Rescue takes many preventative measures in an effort to protect the district from the risk of wildland fire. To give you a sense of what goes on behind the scenes: We monitor weather conditions, fuel moistures, and energy release components on a daily basis, and have received detection flights from the CDFPC Multi Mission Aircraft following lightning events. We train extensively on wildfire response, and maintain apparatus & crew readiness, including annually training new volunteer firefighters.  We share red flag warnings and we update signs to reflect current fire conditions and restrictions.

As the current hot and dry weather trend continues, the Fire Department will be increasing patrols of the 52 square mile district, and increasing our signage for residents, but especially for visitors to our community.

You can help too! We ask that the community be diligent in keeping an eye out for illegal camping, and illegal fires, and that they report such activities to the appropriate Sheriff’s Office.

In any emergency call 911, however if you’d like to communicate with Coal Creek Fire please contact us via email or phone, as we are unable to monitor social media sites.