Fire Ban sign on Gross Dam Road greets those going to camp, fish and picnic.

Early detection of a fire is a game changer. It can be detecting a subtle wisp of morning smoke, after a previous day’s lightning storm or detecting a column of smoke as a smoldering fire reacts to afternoon heat. The sooner a report is made to 911 the better the outcome. We value the community’s diligent eyes on our canyon.

As Rescue 7022 patrolled the canyon today we saw many views into the canyon, and across the canyon, and beyond. If you live on one side of the canyon you can help your fellow Canyonites on the other side of the canyon by keeping an eye on their neighborhood. Same for us all as we look over the scenic areas around. See something, say something.

Rescue 7022 on patrol.

Another big help that Canyonites can provide is educating family, friends and neighbors. If you have friends who live in the canyon that you think might benefit from the Fire Department email updates, please send them to our website to sign up.

On social media, please like *each* of our posting, share our postings, even comment on them and reference a friend in the comment. Do not expect people to be following the Coal Creek Fire Rescue Page on Facebook, please check that they are. Do not expect algorithms to understand the importance of a posting, be proactive in ensuring people get the message. Not all followers on Facebook get every message from the Fire Department, sometimes it is only hundreds not thousands, and we have multiple thousand residences in the canyon. Engaging with the postings helps promote them to more people.

If you would like to help the fire department, and are unable to volunteer yourself, please help by spreading the information. Please ensure all Canyonites are aware of the Fire Ban, and recent local fire activity.