Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District has four fire stations. We dispatch volunteers from all stations when an incident occurs, however Station #4 (34697 Gap Rd) is primary response for Thorodin Dr, Stanton Dr, Lyttle Dowdle Dr, Skyline Dr, Standing Pines, Nadm Dr, Sky Vu Dr, Ave De Pines Ln, Fisher Rd, Burke Rd, as well as Gap Rd and Twin Spruce Road. Responders from Station #4 respond to medical incidents, structure fires, wildland fires & smoke reports and the many other incidents that Coal Creek Fire Rescue handles.

7034 – Type 4 Wildland Firefighting Vehicle

Station #4 has a light rescue used for medical calls and vehicle accidents, a fire engine for structural firefighting and our robust type 4 wildland vehicle. Recently the Mountain Broadband Snowcat has been added for response from Station #4, for use in deep snow emergencies. Station #4 has nearby helicopter landing zones, steep roads that are impacted by ice, as well as large swathes of forested area and wildland urban interface (WUI.)

Station #4 has openings for trainee firefighters and trainee wildland firefighters. Firefighters are provided with extensive and invaluable training, have access to incredible equipment, and work with like minded Canyonites to help their neighbors. Station #4’s station captain has vast experience as a volunteer and career firefighter, and Station #4 hosts both the department’s training officer and training coordinator. Firefighters accepted to join Station #4 will benefit from a wealth of experience, and training.

Is this the part of the canyon you live in, and would like to help protect? Are these your friends, family and neighbors? If you are interested, come find out more. You don’t have to decide until you’ve learned what is required, who we are, and what you think. (Recruitment for the 2019 recruits ends November 26th, i.e in less than two weeks. Speak to us now to not miss out for another year.) 

Station #4 is home to the historic LaFrance, seen here at CCC’s 4th July Parade