Given the horrible situation of the fires in Northern California we’ve been receiving a number of queries about emergency notifications. You do want to be signed up for them, and you do want your loved ones signed up on their devices. Social media notwithstanding, emergency notifications could be the first notice you receive of an important situation…

Given telephone number portability (where not all Canyon numbers start 303-642…, like they used to be) and given the proliferation of mobile phones replacing landlines it is no longer so easy to determine the numbers in a geographic area. Often times, emergency services have to rely upon the community to register their own contact information; devices, email addresses, TXT addresses, etc.

Please use the links here to sign up:

Emergency Notifications Signup – Boulder, Jeffco, Gilpin

Have you changed your phone number? Changed email address? Added a new device for a family member? Things change, so please take this as an opportunity to keep this information up to date.

Interestingly, since we are a community that resides at the corner of three counties it is advisable, even recommended to register in neighboring systems. If you are within a certain distance of the service area (up to miles from the county border) you can signup for service from other counties. Coal Creek Fire Rescue is dispatched by Boulder County (for all incidents, even if reported in Jefferson County or Gilpin County) and although we work with each county’s Sheriff’s officers to dispatch an Emergency Notification, it is advisable to also be on Boulder County for all Coal Creek Canyon residents.