Reflective marker sign, shown on a tree. Be found. Order a marker.

Be found. Order a marker.

Emergencies strike at all times, but regularly at inconvenient times. In the middle of the night, during a snow storm … at times when visibility is poor. Things that make it hard for the Fire Department to find you, exactly when you (or a loved one) need to be found fast.

Your fire department has invested many hours in creating and updating detailed maps. We take land parcel information from three counties and merge them into one map. We create our own map books, and we also use mobile devices and mapping software with turn by turn voice directions to speed our response to your address. We want to be there as soon as we can. Minutes, even seconds, can make a positive difference.

That said … if there are a lot of homes close together, or if there are multiple driveways, or your driveway is hard to notice … it gets tricky. Add the dark, and the snow and that responders might not know your situation and things get trickier still. All these factors combine and we can be delayed right outside your property. Not good.

Reflective markers at the road help us know the lot (parcel) of your residence. Reflective markers at the driveway help us pick the right driveway with ease. In some cases even a reflective marker at the entrance to the home can save us checking outbuildings, or other entrances. You know your home. Help us learn it.

Get your reflective markers, and be found.