When resident artist Sharyn Roberts saw the smoke column from the Highway 72 Fire on Labor Day, she was so concerned that she had to pull her car over to collect herself. After the fire had successfully been contained without major incident, Sharyn’s concern turned to gratitude and she channeled that gratitude into her art.

Sharyn Roberts presented artwork to Chief Ball

Sharyn Roberts presenting to Chief Ball

Last night at the monthly meeting of Coal Creek Fire’s Officers, Sharyn presented her artwork to Chief Ball and the Officers.

Said Chief Ball, “people become firefighters because they are engrained with the desire to help others and make a difference in the community. While that desire does not fade, it is a difficult job that firefighters do and it takes a toll on them over time. When residents go out of their way to say thank you, it reenergizes our personnel and assures them that they are indeed making a difference. We were absolutely floored by the time and energy that Sharyn put into this very special token of appreciation. It will hang in our headquarters as a reminder of the wonderful community that we serve.”

Through a medium known as diamond art, Sharyn placed more than 33,300 individual pieces to create the image, taking her over fifty hours to complete. The project was funded by the owners of Kwik Mart and Canyon Liquors.