We now have single lanes with traffic lights on highway 72. That will back up traffic impacting commutes but it will also impact emergency response.

Coal Creek Canyon Fire Rescue has been working with Mortenson construction to create solutions to conceivable problems throughout the construction (see project page.)

As one solution we have been provided with control devices for our response apparatus where we can trigger the traffic lights to change for us.  This is a controlled change; there will still be time for vehicles to make it safely through.

Some things to remember:

  • We will proceed cautiously though these single lanes, even when we are running emergent.
  • If you are in line to proceed but see us with lights and sirens behind you, pull over (if you can) but definitely let us proceed through the traffic lights first.
  • Remember, where you see one emergency vehicle there is a good chance of another (and more) soon behind. We respond in multiple vehicles for almost every incident.
  • You should not try to “tag on the end” of a line of traffic after you see a red light, you might find us coming the other way.
  • Do NOT ever try to proceed through a red light, even in the middle of the night, because we are regularly out in the middle of the night.

Your day might’ve been delayed by traffic lights, but if we are running emergent then some community members are having perhaps their worst day.