Given the increased use of mobile phones, and the decreased use of land lines it is increasingly important to sign up for emergency notifications. You can sign up for TXT messages, emails and phone calls. Emergency notifications might be warning you of a wildfire evacuation, or it might notify you to “shelter in place” (in your home) for some other hazard. This is information you want to get.

Here is how you sign up for the various county notification systems:

Sign-up for Emergency Notifications Systems: Boulder, Jeffco, Gilpin

Jefferson County use the Code Red notification system…

The Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with be testing the CodeRed emergency notification system tomorrow. All contacts within the system will be called to test the use of the system and to determine number of individuals reached. (The message will clearly state that this is a test and not an emergency situation). The testing will begin at 9 am tomorrow and go through 5 pm. This test will reach all the landline numbers in the county and those who have signed up for CodeRed. Please be aware that this test is taking place tomorrow and questions can be directed at the phone numbers on the recorded message.