Coal Creek Fire Rescue is fully operational and ready to serve the community’s emergency response needs.

Continuity of Operations:

Working closely with emergency managers at the state, county, and local levels, our Medical Director, and following CDC guidance, Coal Creek Fire Rescue has set into action its Continuity of Operations Plan in an effort to ensure our mission-critical functions stay up and running. Our mission to protect life and property continues in these uncertain times. We are focusing both on how to respond appropriately to patients exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, and how to keep our team healthy and our systems operational to ensure Coal Creek Fire Rescue are ready to respond when the community needs us. We are hyper-focused on preparedness…

As for what you can do to protect yourself and your family, here are great resources for Coloradans:


Colorado – COVID-19

Colorado – COVID-19 – Testing

Don’t be a spreader

A bit of humor but with a powerful message. Don’t be a spreader, protect your fellow (especially older) Canyonites…

Flatten the curve

Our goal is that by “flattening the epidemic curve” we help our response/healthcare services cope with the influx. Delaying spread helps enormously.

Flatten the epidemic curve...