As crews were winding down yesterday from the three lightning fires that started Wednesday a tone went out for another smoke sighting. It was quickly located as above the railroad tracks at Crescent Meadows (Walker Ranch.) Coal Creek Canyon Fire Department along with resources from Boulder County and Forestry Service quickly attacked the fire and got it under control. The fire is contained at this time, and will be monitored today (as we did the others.) While we have not determined the cause of yesterday’s fire, three or four fires from one significant lightning storm is a lot, and leaves open the possibility there will be another. We hope not, but we remain prepared, especially given today’s hot & dry & windy conditions.

Starting in the middle of last night, and  as you have most likely noticed, we have been experiencing quite a bit of “drift smoke.” There is a faint to strong smell of smoke and a haze visible here in the canyon. We have investigated and this drift smoke is coming from active fires to our west that are quite a distance away and will most likely be noticeable for many days to come. As always, if you see smoke that you feel is more than a haze (especially a distinguishable source of smoke), or for any other reason are concerned that there may be a wildland fire in our area you should call 911 to have your Fire Department respond and investigate.