Winter has come to Colorado, and we are very grateful to the snow for its fire suppression benefits.

That said, we’ve already seen some motor vehicle accidents due to the changed driving conditions. One very notable thing to know – and please share with other canyon drivers – is how sometimes roads can be dry up top, yet icy (even black ice) lower in the canyon. Don’t let upper canyon conditions fool you into a false sense of security. Maintain your awareness of how much conditions vary on the highway at different elevations, on the side roads with gravel and dirt vs blacktop.

Please review the Canyon Driving section on our Community Resources page for more information, and please ensure your vehicles (especially tires) are maintained, and prepared for winter driving conditions.

No Parking at Stations…

Further, much as we recognize that some roads (e.g. Camp Eden) can be an extremely challenging drive, we cannot allow public vehicles to park at the fire stations. Illegally parked vehicles inhibit emergency response, and can impact the life-saving ability to land a helicopter. We don’t want to have to tow vehicles left at stations, but we owe it to the community to preserve the ability to respond unhindered.

(Note: When traveling up Camp Eden consider parking at the pull out 1/4 mile east of Station #2 on highway 72, or up at the park-n-ride by Wondervu, and/or consider the Indian Peak Rd to Happy Trail alternative route.)