As your fire protection district we are here to protect you from fire, rescue you from motor vehicle accidents, care for you medically, and protect you from “all hazards”. It has come to our attention we need to protect you from solicitations; sometimes fraudulently in our name, sometimes legitimately but not from us. We are very grateful for your support, and our board of directors and officers manage that support with the utmost fiscal responsibility. We are grateful to be in a position where we do NOT solicit the community for financial assistance.

Coal Creek Fire Rescue (or more formally: Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District) covers highway 93, Plainview and Blue Mountain Estates to just west of Wondervu on highway 72. It covers Gross Reservoir, Walker Ranch, all the way south to just north of the Golden Gate State Park. That includes Crescent Meadows (in Eldorado State Park) and everything in central Coal Creek Canyon. If you live in this area, your fire department is Coal Creek Fire Rescue, and we are not soliciting you.

Your department is financially sound; we are NOT asking you for donations. We appreciate our Community’s support whenever and however you provide it, but we do not reach out to ask you for donations. Please protect yourself (and your friends/family by sharing) through knowing:

If you get a solicitation it is NOT from Coal Creek Fire Rescue.

It takes a community…

Here is how you can continue to help your fire department … by continuing to help each other in our community. Thank you for being there for your neighbors, to check on the vulnerable who need support this winter, to look out for each other. We come when we are dispatched, but please help us help the community by being there for your neighbor this winter.

Protect each other this winter of Pandemic by wearing a mask, social distancing and hand washing. Given how seriously COVID-19 can affect some people, we put on full PPE to respond to medical incidents, please wear your PPE to protect each other.