There are some forecasts predicting a lot of snow this weekend. We are used to snow, but this could be a historic storm … more snows than even we are used to. Are you ready? Prepared?

In 2003 we had an (at least) 6 foot snowstorm. Some roads were blocked for days, up to a week. Some roofs failed under the weight of snow. Some houses lost power. Snow was piled up high for weeks, and led to waterlogged ground, causing new problems. We are used to snow, but this amount of snow is far more than we are used to. Please prepare accordingly. Some thoughts:

  • Please check you have adequate food, water, medication supplies to last a number of days.
  • Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly.
  • Please don’t leave your cars “up top of your driveway” (alongside roads) the plow trucks could damage your vehicle, bury it under piles of snow, and you could block emergency access.
  • Please note that all access (including emergency responder access) could become challenging, and we might not be able to respond as fast as normal. 
  • Please don’t climb on roofs to clear them of snow; you could fall and get hurt.
  • Please don’t over exert yourself shoveling; you could get hurt.
  • If you lose power, please don’t run motors/generators indoors. Remember carbon monoxide is colorless & odorless, and carbon monoxide poisoning is deadly.

A big storm is quite different from our normal snowstorms. Keep warm and stay safe.