District Board Meeting Agenda
Monday, April 11, 2022

1900 Hours Call to Order

Secretary’s Report:

  • Approval of March District Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report:

  • General Financials

Chief’s/Fire Marshal Report:

  • Personnel/Training/Equipment Matters/Membership/Officer’s Meeting Minutes

Administrative Assistant’s Report:

  • Monthly Activities Review

New Business:

  • Slash Day – Spring 2022?

Unfinished Business:

  • Policy Manual Update – Active Members (FFs) Non-eligibility for Participation as District Board Members (Dave)
  • Station 3 Lease Renewal – Property Gifted to Department (Dave)
  • Update to 2018 International Fire Code (Marty Gresho)
  • Indian Head Road Residence – Petition for Exclusion – Paperwork Filing (Kathy)
  • Capital Purchase Financing Options (Ken)
  • Station Septic Tanks Pump Out Coordination
  • Coordination of Board Membership Turnover

NOTE: This meeting will be convened at Station 2 and via Zoom.  The general public may attend this meeting adhering to COVID mask mandates – individuals may request Zoom participation via